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Precision Energy Services specializes in renewable solar energy projects ranging from residential/commercial to industrial.

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We are dedicated to inspire, educate and assist our customers in achieving their goals of cost stability, energy independence and a cleaner and greener environment. Consider Precision Energy Services your "one stop shopping" solution to any sized solar project. Our technicians and installers are highly-trained in not only customizing systems for your solar project needs, but also in collaborating with the utility companies to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to solar. Precision Energy also provides you with creative outlets in financing your project through state and federal tax credits, rebates and grant writing to ensure we make your install as affordable as possible. 

Solar is our only business

We believe in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turnkey solar energy systems so that our clientele and our communities will prosper.  We know transitioning to solar can seem expensive for your business or family. We source only the highest-quality components and materials from reputable and proven suppliers. Because of this commitment to excellence, the solar systems we install and our operations consistently meet or exceed the most stringent performance, environmental and efficiency standards. 

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Iowa is one of the best states for solar power because of it's abundant solar energy and it's tremendous solar incentives and healthy tax credits.

Click below for Iowa energy tax credits, rebates, grants and solar incentives.

  1. taxcredit.iowa.gov
  2. cleanenergyauthority.com
  3. rd.usda.gov
  4. dsireusa.org
  5. iowaeconomicdevelopment.com

Whether your solar panels are for your home or commercial installation, your Precision Energy solar experts will ensure your satisfaction and provide quick follow-up and maintenance. 


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